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Big Google Sheets nerd here. I love using spreadsheets to track various things and organize data. I've created numerous spreadsheets that I have recycled for various projects and some of the more polished ones are listed here.

Things I need Google Sheets to add:

  • Add a "Conditional formatting..." option to the right click context menu when selecting cells.
  • Fix "chart bugging" when editing source data from a large sheet.
  • Add check/tick box customization options (changing the icon).
  • Make =QUERY queries auto-change with sheet changes.
  • Why is a blank cell equal to ""... but a "" cell not =ISBLANK()?


File > Make a copy

  • Valorant RR HistoryHigh Fidelity: Track RR gains and losses. Track win rate across days, maps, agents, and more. Generate a W/L display for your Discord status.
  • Finance TemplateBeta: Track spending across accounts, planned expenses, available money for the week, and more.
  • Book Pacer: One page target, one end date. Find out how many pages you should read per day to finish a book by a certain date with data visualization. Enter your target in the C column and log your progress in the E column.
  • Advanced Book Pacer: Just like the Book Pacer above, but allows for multiple page targets over the duration of the book. Set targets in the E column, log progress in F column.
  • Reading Log/List: Track the books you read and when along with the length of them. Audiobook support too!


  • Backpack and EDCUpdated!: The things that I carry on me and in my bag.
  • Bugs and Features Under Construction: List of bugs and features requests across major applications.
  • Crossword Speedrun Analysis: An analysis on the suspicious runs submitted to the 100th Anniversary of the Crossword Puzzle leaderboard on
  • Portal 2 Co-op Players: A log of all the random queue players I find in Portal 2 Co-op with data visualization for player quality on days and time, individual player stats, and total games.
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes Mod Ideas: A collection of my mod ideas for KTaNE.