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More About Me

Little bit more about me that can't be fit on the home page.


Humble Beginnings (2014-2017)

I jumped in the deep end of programming somewhere in the middle of 2014 with Java and basic HTML and CSS out of pure boredom. I learned Java through videos online and basic web development from videos reading things online from websites like W3Schools.

I had learned my way around basic Java usage, after that, I then started to learn about Java's JFrame and Canvas. I even still learn new things whenever I have to use Java for something. I used this knowledge to produce a couple utility applications and started learning about Minecraft plugin and mod development which I still do sometimes to this day.

A couple of years later I also tried poking around in Python, C#, and C++. I had basic knowledge of JavaScript and jQuery at the time, which allowed me to try and do some fancy things in my projects, but still was very limited. I had also used a number of game engines like Game Maker Studio 1, Game Maker Studio 2, and Unity.

At this point I had created a website or two for myself, showcasing some projects of mine. Being a static site, these were hosted on Netlify.

Modern Web Development (2018-2022)

It wasn't really until around mid-2018 where I had decided that web development is where I wanted to stay. I had started developing full projects using JavaScript trying out many different frameworks, libraries, and utilities. I also had learned about TypeScript at this time. It's hard to believe there was a time where I didn't use TypeScript.

In early-2019 I pretty much has solidified myself in the React ecosystem, which allowed me to pump out many different projects while trying all libraries it had to offer. This is where I picked up Gatsby for my static site needs.

In 2020 I finally started to make projects that incorporated a back-end using databases like RethinkDB and MongoDB. I also had learned to use Socket.IO. Due to limitations, these projects were only online temporarily due to them being hosted on platforms like Heroku's free tier, or servers ran by friends.

I transitioned to using Next.js for my projects somewhere around the end of 2020.

Present Day (2022-Present)

After a little bit of a break throughout 2021 and most of 2022 due to burnout and other reasons, I'm back at it. Finally getting my hands on a server of my own, I'm now more free to create anything I want.

I have also decided to try and learn the best practices and patterns used for web development in general, user authentication, and backend and API development, and how to truly use Next.js.

You can view what it took to make this website possible by visiting the This Website page.

If you want to check out what I'm into right now, read my Now Page.

Outside of Development

Outside of development I have a huge addiction passion for gaming. I've previously played competitive(ly) in Rocket League, CS:GO, and Valorant. As as aviation nerd, I love any flight simulator (Project Wingman, MSFS and FSX), but notably recently put a lot of my time here into Digital Combat Simulator (look it up).

Surprisingly, I've picked up the sport of fencing, and have been somewhat active in practice and competitions since late 2023. For anyone who's familiar with the sport, I've been focusing on foil and occasionally fence sabre.

In the past, I've tried my hand at creating music but never really got fully into it.

I still occasionally write in my free time whenever ideas come into my head or whenever I feel my "creative fuel" is full. This is usually after a period of consuming new media like reading books and watching movies and shows. While I don't really have one style, I usually enjoy writing in a more "long form" style. Writing for screens (screenplays) has also been really fun.

I've been trying to improve at video editing. While I still haven't made anything crazy, I've learned a lot. I've previously used Vegas Pro for a bit and Premier Pro for a hot minute. Soon after, I fell into learning HitFilm, but after performance issues arose and the lack of basic hotkeys, I switched to DaVinci Resolve.