👋 Hi, I'm Hunter,

an aspiring web developer, currently schooling for Computer Science.

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About Me

Currently a second year Computer Science student based out of southeast Michigan. I am a self-taught programmer starting back around 2014-15 with Java and C++ and eventually branching out into the endless world of web dev. After exploring many different technologies, I've recently enjoyed working with the MERN stack with some of my latest projects.

As an avid power user, it's hard to find any one-fits-all piece of software for my needs, either sacrificing features, stability, or budget. I know how frustrating it can be to use a poorly designed and/or buggy piece of software, which is why creating a intuitive and pleasant user-experience has always been one of my goals.

Redux Basics

Python Basics
C/C++ Basics


More complete, large scale, and/or polished projects of mine that are showcase worthy.

Rising Swag

An interactive, curated list of available merch items from all around the Red Rising community from big to small.

Rising Swag

Elemental Reborn

Yet another clone of carykh's "Elemental 3". Combine elements to discover new elements, each of which created and voted on by other players. Elemental Reborn was host to 1500+ users and currently contains more then 4.4k elements! Built using React w/ TypeScript and Socket.IO, utilizing a MongoDB Atlas database, all powered by a Node.js and Express backend.

Elemental Reborn